Sell Your Caravan on Consignment with Caravan & Camper Megastore

Hassle-Free Consignment Service with No Consignment Fees

At Caravan and Camper Megastore, selling your caravan is a stress-free experience. Our consignment service takes care of everything, from marketing and advertising to sales negotiations. And the best part? We don't charge any consignment fees. Trust us to handle the process while you relax and get the best price for your caravan.


Why Choose Caravan & Camper Megastore for Your Caravan Sale?

Sell your caravan with confidence and peace of mind with Caravan and Camper Megastore. Here's why we stand out:

Exceptional Service: With extensive knowledge of caravan sales, we are committed to providing exceptional service to our customers.

Showroom Ready: We clean, detail, and dress your van to ensure it looks its best on display in our high-traffic showroom with large road exposure.

Wide Customer Base: Our focused marketing across all important platforms ensures your caravan is seen by the right buyers.

No Consignment Fees: Unlike other services, we do not charge any consignment fees, so you keep more of your investment.


How Our Consignment Service Works

Bring it in or we come to you
Set your price
We take care of the rest!

Ready to Sell Your Caravan?

Experience a hassle-free consignment service with Caravan & Camper Megastore. Get started today by filling out our enquiry form or contacting us directly at or (08) 9250 1755.


Frequently Asked Questions about Selling and Consigning Your Caravan

A. We don't charge a consignment fee. Instead, we agree on a selling price for the caravan, and mark up the price. The seller receives the agreed amount, and we make our profit from anything above that.

A. On average, it takes 4-5 weeks to sell a caravan through our consignment service, provided it is priced correctly.

A. No, the caravan must be available for viewing and sale at all times, so it cannot be used while it's up for consignment.

A. Basic documentation such as your driver's license, caravan registration, and bank details are required to sell your caravan through our consignment service.

A. As long as we agree on a selling price, we accept all types of caravans for consignment.

A. We negotiate our price, not the client's agreed amount, unless it is necessary. If a negotiation is required, we will discuss it with the consignee and ultimately, the decision is theirs.

A. While we don't intend to take on consignment with the expectation of not selling, if this does happen, the seller is welcome to collect the caravan at no charge (conditions apply).

A. The price can be lowered, but it cannot be raised once agreed upon.

A. While we do not provide daily or weekly updates, we will provide feedback on potential buyers and offers as needed or upon request.

A. The funds from the sale are put into a government audited trust account. Once the funds are cleared, we will transfer the payment to the seller within 48 hours.