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Sell & Consignment

Sell your caravan, camper, camper trailer, or motorhome on consignment. The easiest way is to sell your caravan on consignment with a reputable and experienced dealer. Caravan and Camper Megastore are passionate about simplifying the sale process for you and getting results. The team have many years of combined sales experience.

It is this experience that also makes Caravan and Camper Megastore the perfect choice when selling your pride and joy. Put their experience and ability to work for you; with top name products, strong advertising campaigns, and knowledgeable sales staff, they offer a quick and reliable option to sell your caravan at a fair price.

No more waiting for people who don’t show up, annoying phone calls at all hours or dealing with people who need financing or have a trade. The team at Caravan and Camper Megastore are constantly working to sell your caravan on consignment so you can enjoy the freedom to do what you want. Let us handle the phone calls, appointments, demos, and delivery! Here are 5 great reasons why you should make Caravan and Camper Megastore your choice when selling.

Sell & Consignment

What we offer you

Peace of mind

They eliminate the possible dangers you could face when having total strangers come to your home to view your caravan. We also reduce the chance of possible damage to your caravan with unqualified buyers.

Professional Sales Team

They offer a professional and experienced team that are solely dedicated to selling the caravans, campers and motorhomes on display.

Excellent Web and Advertising Exposure

They offer a professional and experienced team that are solely dedicated to selling the caravans, campers and motorhomes on display.

Extensive Customer Base

With their massive database and nationwide network, chances are they may already have a buyer for your caravan.

Yard Presentation

We regularly wash and maintain your caravan so it presents as best as possible for potential buyers. All caravans on consignment are displayed in a secured lot with excellent exposure and walk-in traffic.

What we require from you

Driver Licence of reigstered owner
3 Month Sale Agreement / Unless Negotiated Otherwise
Copy of Registration and Current Insurance Policy

For more information please get in contact with our friendly sales team.

In addition to their unique and effective consignment service, Caravan and Camper Megastore stocks the toughest and most luxurious caravan brands including a large range of pre-loved caravans and motorhomes are also available to suit any budget. Your caravan will sit right beside them!

Jake and Dave have many years sales experience to make sure your caravan gets sold to another happy camper. There really is no better choice for selling or buying so come on in and meet the team, and don’t forget to “look for Ernie on the roof!”